Islandof Rust Rules and Expectations!

The page that follows this is a number of certain rules and expectations that we ask all of our users to comply with when using our services. These rules are put into place to make your overall gaming experience on the server a good and fun one! If you are found disobeying these rules at any time certain consequences may occur as a penalty, depening of the severity of the rule broken depends on the concequences.

General Rules

These are our general rules that we expect you to follow. Fair game play on Island of Rust is very important because certain rules that you break can make the server not very enjoyable to everyone else. We take our rules very seriously and expect you to be able to follow them. If you break a rule you will get kicked and if you do it again you will be banned for a day. If you continue you will be banned permanently.

1. Absolutely no hacking or exploiting. This includes using client modifications that can either, allow you to fly, travel at abnormal speeds and see through blocks. This is only a select few of the Client Mods/Hacks that you can be banned for if you are caught using, these are just an example. Generally the ban length for using client hacks ranges between a 2 day to a permenant ban from the server.

2. Do not advertise other servers. Advertising other minecraft services on Island of Rust is treated as a serious rule breakage and will indefinitely land you with a permenant ban from the server.

3. Respect ALL users and staff. Our Management team do not get paid in any for for the services they provide on Island of Rust, they do it completely free, and the only thing they ask back from the community is a little respect as they perform their respective duties.

4. Do not spam. Generally spamming the chatbox can not only get quite annoying but can prove to lag the server slightly. To make everyones gaming experience better we ask that you respect the chatbox and use it with maturity.

5. Keep cussing to a minimum. We do understand that it can be quite annoying if you die with a full set of your new shiny armour, but we ask that you keep that rage inside of you and not take it to the shoutbox. Although swearing is not completely banned, it is asked that you keep it to an absolute minimal whilst talking. Repetatively swearing can get you kicked from the server.

6. No racial or homosexual slurs. At Island of Rust, everyone is welcome, it doesnt matter what your religion, race or skin colour is, we treat everyone the same and strongly disapprove of any racial slurs, or any discriminatory language that someone can take offense to.

7. Combat logging is not permitted. This is a pretty basic one, if your going to get killed, die strong and respawn stronger, suck it up and die with dignity.

8. Do not ask for admin.

9. Raiding and griefing is allow. Island of Rust is a factions server, which means everyone is pitched against eachother or with eachother in selective teams to dominate the server. In doing so you will come across enemies, Greifing, PVPing and raiding are all permitted on BizCraft because it tends to make the server more challenging and fun.

10. Do not harrass other users.

Staff Rules

Being part of Island of Rust we expect the most from our staff. We try to respect our users while keeping our game play fair and fun. As part of the staff you will be allowed some extra permissions that will allow you to moderate. You will not be given the same permissions as admins. Down below are a few rules we will enforce on you.

1. Do not abuse your permissions.

2. Do not give users an advantage.

3. Do not use your permissions as an advantage

4. Do not be biased.

5. Help anyone that needs help.

6. Be sure to report any hackers to admins for further investigation.

7. Do not ban without reason.

8. Write in discord/steam group chat who you have banned/muted/ect and the reason why.

9. Do not swear in general (Remember you set an example for the users)

10. Do not end up raging. If things get heated just mute for bit and say admins will deal.